With Fall, Comes Family Photos

With fall family sessions right around the corner, the question I get asked the most is what should we wear for our session!? So, I thought I would go ahead and write a little blog about my biggest tips when it comes to styling the family for your shoot. I’ve also put together a few fall color palettes to work off of if you’re still needing some inspiration. These will be posted at the end. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Tip # 1: Pick a Color Palette

My first tip is to pick a color palette. The easiest way to do this is for mom to pick her outfit first since us moms are usually the ones who care the most about styling the family. And let’s face it, if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Once you’ve picked your outfit, now you can start pulling from or tying colors into it. As an example, here is an outfit from Old Navy  you could pick and a possible color palette you could pull from it. (I am not paid by Old Navy in any way, I just loved this outfit!)

to shop this look, click the links below

Here's a good color palette you could pair with this look

Tip # 2: Coordinate, Not Match

My second tip is to coordinate, not match! It’s important to make sure everyone in the family gets seen, and the best way to achieve this is through individual styling. Don’t be afraid of variety and textures which add interest and depth to the photos. 

This doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds. You could achieve this by having one daughter wear a dress and the other leggings. For boys, have one wear dark jeans with a sweater and the other colored pants and a puffer vest. Or it could even be as simple as adding a hat to an outfit, throwing a sweater over a polo, or pairing a knit cardigan with a simple dress.

Also, L A Y E R I N G. Layers add interest and depth and, well let's face it, warmth on those cooler, fall days as well!

Another easy way to do this without changing or adding to outfits is by simply adding a few accessories. Belts, bows, scarves, suspenders, headbands, statement jewelry pieces can really go a long way in adding variety and texture to your photos.

This family for instance combined variety and texture adding additional shadowing and depth to their photos.
You can also see each individual's personality through their style choices

This family incorporated some statement jewelry, hats, and layers to add personality and variation; and sweaters to add texture

Tip # 3: Manifest Confidence

Pick something you will not only feel comfortable and yourself in, but confident as well. If there’s anything you can feel in a photo more so than when someone is uncomfortable, it’s confidence! Whether that means picking something sexy, elegant, sassy, or that shows off that booty you’ve been working so hard on toning. Whatever it is- girl, flaunt it.

Don't be afraid to make bold choices. Sometimes it's just that little pop of color someone's wearing that can take your photos from drab to fab! Did you know, the color red is often used to send messages of confidence to the public? So you rock that dress, girl!

slay, queen!

Tip # 4: Know Your Location

This may seem like a silly tip but because of that, I feel like it's easily overlooked but kind of ties everything together in my opinion. Location can play a huge role in how great, or not great your photos come out looking. Whether you're the one picking the location, or you go to one I suggest, it's important you keep it in mind when picking your outfits and color palettes. Obviously, if you're going to a pumpkin patch and it's going to be cooler out, layers will be your best friend. On the other side of that, if it's going to be in a meadow on a warmer day, picking a flowy dress with a jean jacket and knee-high boots might be a better option. The point is, knowing your location and the weather before making your style choices is always a good idea.

Tip # 5: Enjoy Yo' self!

This should go without saying, but nothing shows more than when you're having fun and showing genuine smiles in your photos!

I'll leave you with a few fall color palettes I put together for inspiration. I hope these tips have helped when it comes to choosing styles outfits for your fall family photos!